Jane McCarry and Mark Cox

Main Stage - Former Clydesdale Bank Building

Sunday 29th October


An exclusive comedy / theatre performance specially put together for TamFest.

Jane McCarry

Jane McCarry is a Bafta award-winning actress who has worked extensively in theatre, television and radio for the past 18 years.

Throughout her career, Jane has worked with a number of all-time Scottish favourites including Rikki Fulton and Jimmy Logan.

Jane McCarry is Scotland's best known OAP; not bad for a 30 something! Her character ''Isa Drennan'' is one of the best-loved and funniest on Scottish Television.

Whether you know her as Isa, the local gossip from the BBC's hugely successful ''Still Game'', or worldly-wise Granny Murray from the Cbeebie's hit show ''Me Too'', you can't fail to enjoy a blether with Jane.

Mark Cox

Mark was born in the sleepy village of Springboig in 1972. For those of you not familiar with the second city, Springboig sits proudly between picturesque Carntyne and the spa town of Easterhouse in Glasgow's East End.

It was here Mark discovered a passion for acting, storytelling and saying 'it wisnae me, it was him' and 'I'm sorry officer'.

After attending Queen Margaret College in Edinburgh for three years, he embarked on the career that would take him to village halls all over the highlands, through to million pound grossing Pantomimes at the King's Theatre in Glasgow.

It would be fair to say, that the last ten years have been the most successful so far. Apart from writing and starring in the BBC phenomenon 'Chewin the Fat', the sketch show that took the nation by storm, Mark Cox has spent the last few years playing tight fisted 'Tam Mullen' in the Bafta winning sitcom 'Still Game'. This is Scotland's most watched TV show Ever!

Q&A interview

Are you both looking forward to Tam Fest?

"Absolutely. It's our first time but we heard it was a fantastic event last year. And we love dressing up as a pair of old hags"

Any teasers or what can the Tam Fest audience expect from your performance?

"You can expect something QUITE DIFFERENT and if Jane is sober, maybe a song or twa!!!"

What are your thoughts on Tam as well as the feminist aspects of Tam o' Shanter?

"Tam O'shanter like Tam mullen and indeed Robert burns himself are never happier than when they are bousing at the nappy. I would like to think kate would have kicked Tam oot and be living the dream in a 2 bed semi in Maidens"

What do you think makes Tam O' Shanter such a iconic story?

"Tam is more of a fool than a villain, a drunk and a womaniser, so when we see him faced with warlocks, witches and auld Nick himself, we don't really know if we want him to escape or not, the thrill of the chase, will he meet a sticky end at the hands of the devil or will he face a fate worse than death in the hands of his long suffering wife. We all love stories where a wrong un gets his comeuppance and let's be honest, there is nothing better at Halloween than a tale involving a witch!"

What has been your most memorable Halloween?

"We both love sweeties... so Halloween is the perfect opportunity to steal as many off our kids as possible. I remember one year when i was 7 going round the doors and a neighbour had to ask me to leave because i had been singing and telling jokes for a full 40 mins, hope the same thing doesn't happen at Tamfest and we get booed off. That would be a terrible thing!"

Do you have any personal or fond memories of Ayr?

"My grandad was from Ayr and my aunt Agnes was born on Halloween and was obsessed with Burns, she used to take me down to brig a doon and take me on a Tam O'shanter walk, telling me the poem with her teeth out and her hair spiked up. I used to find it absolutely terrifying. She told me she was a witch and one halloween night the devil would come for her!!"

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