The Devil's Stage

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Across from the Tam o' Shanter Pub

Sunday 29th October


About That

Opening the stage will be a band from Ayrshire College students featuring some fantastic musicians.

Shoot the Rapids

Shoot the Rapids, an Ayr theatre production company, have developed a show specially for TamFest. This show is so good that they will be doing it again for a second time later on in the day!

Ayrshire Infinity Choir

Ayrshire Infinity Choir, a local community choir led by singer/vocal coach and musical director Siobhan McAuley.

Aimee Penman

Aimee Penman is a classically trained singer with a fantastic voice performing popular songs.

Ayrshire Opera Experience

Ayrshire Opera Experience, featuring some of the countries finest sopranos and tenors will be doing a set specially put together for TamFest.

Shoot the Rapids

The day's second performance of this specially developed show.

Maleficent Movers

Maleficent Movers are a community witches performance group that is not be missed!

Alan Frew and Ellen Bain

Local favourite folk singer / songwriter Alan Frew accompanied by Ellen Bain. Alan tours worldwide and we are delighted to have him close the second stage.

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TamFest Ayr's Tam o' Shanter Festival
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