Craig Campbell – Renowned Scottish Artist

Craig Campbell

“ Tamfest is a great day out for all the family! 

 Tam o ’Shanter is an old Scottish legend that was later turned into a narrative poem by Robert Burns.

It is a poem that encompasses humour, horror and social comment as the unsightly, tailless condition of poor Maggie serves as an awful reminder not to stay too late drinking in Ayr. Written in 1790, it is, in my opinion, one of Burns finest poems and I believe his own favourite. Vivid and inventive, it turned a little known local tale of witches into an epic narrative loved the world over.

I see this within Tamfest, an Ayrshire event that embraces humour and creativity, includes a spooky theme with community involvement and spirit. Vivid and inventive!

As a life-long fan of Robert Burns I am delighted to be a Tamfest Patron and play a part in turning a local festival of spookiness into an epic show loved the world over.”