Jamie McGeechan (Popular Scottish singer songwriter and ammbasador for the American Scottish Foundation)

Jamie McGeechan

“I write this with sincere joy and gratitude in becoming a Patron of Tamfest!

As a Patron I will endeavour to promote the festival here in North America, further afield, and will consider it a sincere honour to do so.

I have a deep admiration for Tamfest. It has become not only an incredible cultural experience but also an incredible asset to as well as celebration of community itself.

It is because of events such as Tamfest that local artists and cultural practitioners can develop and hone their craft whilst feeling part of and contributing to the local community. This is absolutely essential in order for local cultural practitioners and artists to thrive and survive. Tamfest does incredible work to involve and champion Ayrshire artists and that is something I’ve also felt a great deal of passion about.

My perspective is that Tamfest is an incredible asset to Ayr and the wider community in Scotland.

 Its inspired work in championing the legacy of Robert Burns whilst simultaneously supporting the development of grassroots arts and culture is something that should be recognised and supported by all.

I grew up in Ayr and in my 27 years of living in Ayr have never experienced anything like Tamfest.It has revolutionised the approach to community arts in the area and I sincerely believe it is doing great work to inspire the next generation as it is to affirm the bonds of community and friendship of the people of Ayr!”