Monthly Events

Tam’s Sunday Club features the rich talent of Ayrshire and Scotland on the last Sunday of every month on Tamfest Facebook. One of our fantastic performers had a huge success when she took part! 

Tam’s Sunday Club

At Tamfest Facebook on the last Sunday of every month, we have Tam’s Sunday Club which features 3 virtual performances from a wide variety of Ayrshire & Scottish performers! For the January Sunday Club, we had a performance by Ayrshire poet Tracy Harvey. The poem is now the most viewed video in Tamfest history with over 100,000 views!

The poem called “Betty Through The Waa” is about what it means to have a good neighbour!

“Betty Through The Waa” by Tracy Harvey

“This poem was inspired by my neighbour Rena Ruggeri who lived “throu the waa” from me when my daughter and I lived in Auchinleck for years. Everybody needs a “Betty” next door, and, hopefully, we’ll all become Betty’s someday”

Tracy Harvey

Young Tam Friday Club

Starting in April we have Young Tam Friday Club which showcases the fantastic younger talent of Ayrshire and Scotland and will be held every second month on Tamfest Facebook page.                 

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Please check Tamfest Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and details on line ups for Tam’s Sunday Club and Young Tam Friday Club!