Tamfest is run by a local charity for the benefit of the community and sponsorship is crucial to our on-going success. The support of our generous sponsors has enabled us to deliver a festival that Ayr deserves and can be proud of. It means we can expand Tamfest while honouring Ayr’s long history with the apocryphal Tam o’ Shanter poem by Robert Burns.

Many towns and cities across the UK are struggling and Tamfest’s mission is to bring the Auld Toon of Ayr back from the dead and into the light of the living. We are proud to say that it is working! We feel that businesses in the town centre have the most to gain from Tamfest and have a strong connection to the poem by simply being located in Ayr. 

To deliver a Tamfest we can all be proud of in 2019 we need your help. If you’re interested in sponsoring Tamfest 2019, then please get in touch by emailing us info@tamfest.co.uk.

With an increase in footfall in Ayr Town Centre by 90.8% last year on the day of Tamfest, it is a great way to promote your business!

With your investment and the whole community behind us, Tamfest can grow nationally as well as internationally!

Picture – Day O’ The Deid Procession (Bright Light Arts CIC)