The Tam o’ Shanter Trail of Terror

Craig Campbell Art ©

Stages 5-14 of Blue Bonnet Trails in Ayr – Monday 25th to 31st October 2021

The Blue Bonnet Trails in Ayr offers you the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Robert Burns’ hero, Tam in his most epic of poems- Tam o’ Shanter! Explore the Trails at Stages 5 to 14 and on your journey, you will be accompanied by Tam o’ Shanter and Halloween-inspired artwork and displays along the way! And who knows… you may bump into the mysterious Towzie Tyke from the poem!

Blue Bonnet Trail Map

This is a self-led, un-ticketed trail. When following the trail you are entirely responsible for your own safety and that of any accompanying children and/or pets. Always exercise common sense, judgment and caution.

While following the trails using a map or a phone, care should always be taken that you look where you are going, we accept no responsibility for any accident that results from you being unaware of your surroundings.

Walking anywhere carries a degree of risk. Most of the trail is easy but it is up to users to ensure they are capable of undertaking the trail and users should be equipped to deal with changing weather conditions and uneven terrain. Potentially slippery and uneven paths, bridges, potholes, etc should all be carefully navigated, we accept no responsibility for any personal accident, injury or public liability while following the trails.

Please note artwork and displays may be damaged due to bad weather. Please be respectful of the artwork and displays – Do not damage or take.

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The Artists

Stations 5, 6 & 10

Propshak, led by Shakeel Anwer, is a community organisation that facilitates the teaching of SFX make-up and theatrical set building to the community and young people. The organisation aims to create career paths and opportunities for young people to open doors into the creative industries.

Station 7

Pumpkin Wood, are a family-run business based in Ayr. Led by multitalented duo, Annaliese & Cameron, they specialise in bespoke hand-painted and decorated furniture. Both are also talented performers and bring their experience of storytelling and theatre to their creations.

Station 9

Kieran McGill is a graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a degree in Production Arts, specialising in prop making. He has wide-ranging experience in the creative industry across TV, film, theatre, and events, and is passionate about making and the creative process.

Stations 8, 11 & 12

Merlin Currie is a freelance artist/prop-maker who utilised her decades of experience and multiplicity of skills across the arts to inspire young people and providing fun, creative residencies, workshops, and community engagement projects across Scotland. Collaborating with Kieran McGill, this duo lead young emerging prop-makers – Neve Pierce, Eilish Adair, Amy Brocklehurst, Sarah Adija, Petra Crace, Sam Mackie, Ryan Nachtrab and Alex Ringvall  – from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to bring some mischief to the trail.

Station 13

Artwork by schools, community groups and public submissions inspired by the Tam o’ Shanter story.

Station 14

Toria and Gregor of in-time escape rooms (another Ayr based, family-run business) are versatile event’s organisers, prop Makers, crafters, and Halloween fanatics. They specialise in immersive and engaging entertainment, and functional props, which play a key role in their Ayr High Street escape room business – which they, design and construct the games for from scratch themselves!